Ecofit Axial Fans

Features and Construction: The range presented in this chapter consists of axial fans (VRE), with grill (VGR) or basket grill (VPR), round (VGV) or square (VGC) rings, and threephase motor (VREt, VGRt, VPRt, VGVt, VGCt). In response to your specific needs, the air flow, power, rotational speeds (multispeed by windings or by controllers), noise level, overall dimensions and finish... of the fans can be specifically defined according to your requirements.

Axial fans with external rotor motor

  • designed for high air flow rate at low pressure
  • motors are speed controllable by voltage variation, protection IP44
  • Available in two air directions
  • Steel or plastic impeller
  • Life expectancy between 30,000 and 50,000 hours depending on the application and ambient condition