Plug Fans/Free Blowing Fans

Features and Construction: The Rosenberg Centrifugal Fans with free-running impeller of the range DKN_ .. W were designed for installation in appliances such as air-handling-units, hygienic- and clean room filter units as well as for RLT units. During the development of this unit with backward-curved impeller without scroll casing, special attention was paid to optimize the efficiency over a wide characteristic curve having at the same time high performance and an optimum sound power level. The fans are suitable to handle air and other non aggresive gases or fumes. The motors are available as electronically commutated (EC) external rotor motors or standard three phase IEC-motors.

Centrifugal fans with free-running impeller

with external rotor motor and EC motor, high power density with most optimized sound level, 100% speed controllable For air handling unit and Cleanroom Fan filter units.

Centrifugal fans with free-running impelle
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Backward curved Centrifugal Plug fans

with conventional standard motor, 100% speed controllable, For Air handing units.

Backward curved Centrifugal Plug fans